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Casey Nakama Golf Development Center | Waimanalo, HI
Junior-golf Driving Range

The top junior golf program in Hawaii

The Casey Nakama Junior Golf Development Program offers year-round instruction by Aloha Section PGA Hall of Fame professionals to juniors of all skill levels.


Junior golf programs are offered at 2 locations - Olomana Golf & Pearl Country Club

Introductory session: Juniors are exposed to the basic rules, fundamentals, and etiquette of golf.

Our Junior Golf Program classes

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Session I: Here, juniors learn more rules and etiquette, as well as the procedures for playing in a 4-some.


Advancement to Session II is based on improvement in the golfer's skill level and with successful completion of our tournament qualifying score.

Casey Nakama developed this instructional system so juniors could have fun while learning the basic fundamentals and etiquette that are essential to enjoying the game of golf.


This system has been implemented by programs held at Pearl Country Club, Hawaii Kai Golf Course, Waikele Golf Club, and the Oahu Junior Golf Association Developmental Program (OJGA).

Session II: This session focuses on short game development. Returning juniors will continue to work on their skills and endurance in preparation for tournament play, and work toward attaining their “White Cap” status.

White, Black, and Red Caps: Those juniors who qualify by attaining “White Cap” status in Session II can continue their instruction to attain their “Black Caps" and "Red Caps.” This session focuses on long game development, meaning tee boxes are set at age appropriate distances, depending on the age of the player. Strategy, golf course management, and club selection are emphasized.


  • Program times may change during the fall and winter seasons.

  • Registration is limited. Juniors are required to be 7 years of age or older.

  • Program costs are subject to change.

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